Iván Cortázar's Pinhole Self Portrait by a window

Iván Cortázar was born in Bilbao, Spain and has a degree in Business Administration. He worked as an accountant for several years before deciding to pursue his passion for visual storytelling.

After being admitted at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) MFA photography video and related media program, he moved to New York City were he graduated in 2005.

Ivan’s artistic career has been marked by a diverse range of mediums and genres and a continuous desire to experiment. This diversity and experimentation have been a consistent feature of his body of work.

He was awarded the New York Foundation for the Arts 2012 fellowship for his Video/Film work. He also received a fellowship from the Museum of contemporary Art ARTIUM to create “They sleep beneath the water” which won the 1st video art prize at the Pancho Cossio international art contest.

Iván’s work “Horizontes” was featured at the ARCO international art fair (Spain), and his recent video art piece “Animales” won First Prize at the Milan Art Lab and the “El Almacén de las artes” in Spain.

His experimental short film “Una historia de invierno,” filmed with his grandfather, premiered at the Black Maria Film Festival and received the Director’s citation Award. “Tesoros,” a hybrid film (documentary-fiction) also shot with his grandfather, was screened at the Astra Film Festival in Bulgaria and won Best Documentary at Figueira Film Art in Portugal.

Iván explored the fantasy genre with “Broken Clocks” and “Sutphin Blvd,” which premiered at the Sitges Film Festival. His short films “Me aburro,” “Untied,” and “Desastre(s)” are comedies – “Me aburro” received an Honorary mention at the NotodoFilm Fest and “Desastre(s)” won 17 awards, including the Torrelavega Best Comedy Award, and was shown at 37 international film festivals after premiering at the Malaga Film Festival. “Untied” premiered at “Versión Española,” the Spanish National TV short film festival.

Since 2005, Iván Cortázar has gained international recognition for his videos, installations, and short films, which are held in various private and public collections. He is currently writing his first feature film, “My lost brother,” and is the founder of the children’s media company “The Flying Squid.”

Curriculum Vitae


Master of Fine Arts. Photography Video & Related Media. School of Visual Arts SVA,  NY

Certificate in Film Making by NYU CSPS

Bachelor in Business Administration, Sarriko University, Bilbao, Spain
Emphasis: Marketing and Communications.


First Prize Art Lab in Video Art at the Int. Festival of Art Cinema. Milán. Italy. “Animales”
First Prize in Video Art at “El almacén de las Artes” Cantabria, Spain. “Animales”
Best Documentary at Figueira Film Art. Portugal. “Tesoros”
Best soundtrack & Honorary mention at Figueira Film Art. Portugal “Animales”

Honorable Mention. HUHEzinema film festival. (Mondragon). “Tesoros”

New York Foundation for the arts NYFA fellowship
Audience Award. Actual 2012. (Logroño –  La Rioja) “Desastre(s)”
EITB Television purchase of broadcasting rights. “Desastre(s)”
Honorable Mention. Kolibri Shortfilm Fest. Bolivia. “Me aburro”

Best shortfilm. XIV Concurso ciudad de Antequera (Málaga) “Desastre(s)”
Best shortfilm. Sonorama Festival 2011. (Aranda de Duero – Burgos) “Desastre(s)”
Youth Award. Humor en corto. (Arrigorriaga – Vizcaya). “Desastre(s)”
Grand Jury Prize. Best shortfilm. VII Visualia 2011. (Brunete – Madrid). “Desastre(s)”
Best professional shortfilm. XII Cortema de Campillos (Málaga). “Desastre(s)”
Audience Award. XII Calahorra Short Film Fest. (La Rioja). “Desastre(s)”.
Best comedy shortfilm. Torrelavega Film Festival(Cantabria). “Desastre(s)”
Audience Award. Thanatos Film Festival (Écija – Sevilla). “Desastre(s)”
Audience Award 2. Begibistan Film Festival (Amurrio – Álava). “Desastre(s)”
Finalist. Cortogenial 2011 (Puente Genil – Córdoba). “Desastre(s)”
Finalist. V Festival Lo cercacurts (Montomes de Segarra – Lleida). “Desastre(s)”
Finalist. X Cicle de curtmetratges Agusti Comes (Vinaroz – Castellón). “Desastre(s)”
Finalist. “Luis Gonzoga” Shortfilm Festival (Madrid). “Desastre(s)”
Honorable Mention at the NotodoFilmFest. Spain. “Me aburro”
Canal + TV purchase of broadcasting rights. “Desastre(s)”

ICAA Spanish Cultural Department fellowship for the production of “Desastre(s)”
1st prize in Video Art at Pancho Cossío by the Cantabria Government. “Duermen bajo las aguas”
Finalist. III Video Art Award. El Almacén de las Artes. (Cantabria)“Susurros”

ARTIUM Modern Art Museum Fellowship to create the video “Duermen bajo las aguas”
TVE2 Cámara Abierta 2.0 “Una tarde de mi vida”

Technisphere Award. (New York – USA) 16mm. “Broken Clocks”
Finalist. Oxford Film Festival, (Oxford City – USA). “Una Historia de Invierno”.

Director’s Citation Award. Black Maria Film Festival, (NJ – USA). “Una Historia de Invierno”
Bronze Remi Award. Worldfest Houston, (TX – USA). “Una Historia de Invierno”

Video Art Award. 2nd. International Jury prize Ingenio400. “Encantamento”


International Biennial of Video Art VIDEOAKT Barcelona, Berlin. “Animales”
Region 0. Latino Video Art Fest. New York. “Animales”
Region 0. Latino Video Art Fest at MARCO. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Vigo. Spain. “Animales”

ARCO international Art Fair. Nuble Art Gallery (Madrid). Various video art work.
Region 0. Latino Video Art Fest at AMA. Art Museum of the Americas. Washington, DC
Region 0. Latino Video Art Fest at MARCO. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Vigo. Spain
Region 0. Latino Video Art Fest at Centro Metropolitano de Diseño. Buenos Aires. Argentina.
Region 0. Latino Video Art Fest at Contemporary Art Gallery Canary Islands Government. El Tragaluz Digital.
Region 0. Latino Video Art Fest at Puerto Vallarta. Mexico.

“Window to Spain” Video Art Festival (New York – USA) “Susurros”
Region 0. Latino Video Art Fest at The Camagüey International Video Art Festival of Cuba. FIVAC.
Region 0. Latino Video Art Fest. (NY – USA) “Scanning”, “Duermen” & “Susurros”

International Art Fair. Foro Sur. Nuble Art Gallery. (Cáceres)
International Art Fair. Espacio Atlántico. Nuble Art Gallery. (Vigo)
Madrid Foto ’10. Nuble Art Gallery. (Madrid)
OPTICA ’10 Madrid. Nuble Art Gallery. (Madrid) “Susurros”

International Art Fair. Valencia Art V edition. Nuble Art Gallery. (Valencia)
International Art Fair. Santander ’09. Nuble Art Gallery. (Santander)

Fotoencuentros 2007. (Murcia). “Encantamento”


NY Short Fest. (USA). “Untied”
Versión Española. RTVE. “Untied”
XVIII Vitoria-Gasteiz Short Film Festival – Cortada.(Vitoria) “Untied”
Korterraza – Short Film Festival. (Vitoria). “Untied”
XIX Errenteria Short Film Festival. (Errenteria) “Untied”
XVII “Ciudad de Astorga”National Short Film Festival (Astorga). “Untied”
Festival ALCINE 44. Divergencias. (Spain) “Tesoros” & “Animales”
Astra Film Festival. (Rumania) “Tesoros”
IX Int. Sardinia Festival. “Animales
“Luna de cortos” Short Film Festival. Orbigo. Spain “Animales”

Cinetoro Film Festival. Colombia. “Tesoros”

Salento Finibus Terrae Film Festival. Italia. “Me aburro”

Málaga, cine Español Film Festival. (Spain) “Desastre(s)”
Ginés en corto. (Sevilla). “Desastre(s)”
XXIV Semana Int. Del cortometraje de San Roque (Cádiz). “Desastre(s)”
V Certamen de cortometrajes Ciudad de Benavente (Zamora). “Desastre(s)”
XII Festival Asier Errasti (Eibar – Guipúzcoa). “Desastre(s)”
Enkarzine 2011 (Zalla – Vizcaya). “Desastre(s)”
17º Concurso estatal Ciudat de Valls (Tarragona). “Desastre(s)”
9º Certamen nacional de cortometrajes de Dos Hermanas (Sevilla). “Desastre(s)”
XIV Certamen nacional aula 18 (San Martín del Rey Aurelio – Asturias). “Desastre(s)”
Festival Pilas en corto (Sevilla). “Desastre(s)”
Film Festival de Astorga (León). “Desastre(s)”
Festival de Pasaia Ikuska (Guipúzcoa). “Desastre(s)”
Festival El pecado 2011 (Badajoz). “Desastre(s)”
17 Festival internacional de jóvenes realizadores de Granada. “Desastre(s)”
IV Festival Basartena de Urduliz (Vizcaya). “Desastre(s)”
16 Certamen audiovisual de Cabra (Córdoba). “Desastre(s)”
Festival Paco Martinez Soria Tarazona y el Moncayo (Tarazona – Zaragoza). “Desastre(s)”
4º Festival internacional bajo la luna (Islantilla – Huelva). “Desastre(s)”
III Picnick Festival (Santander). “Desastre(s)”
Urban comercial 2011. (Burgos). “Desastre(s)”
Festival internacional de creación audiovisual 2011 (Villanueva de la serena – Badajoz). “Desastre(s)
Festival de cortos Fesdecurt (Denia – Valencia). “Desastre(s)”
XII Festival FantosFreak (Cerdanyola del Vallés – Barcelona). “Shutphin Blvd”
Film Festival fantástico Fant de Bilbao. “Shutphin Blvd”
Festival Cryptshow (Badalona) . “Shutphin Blvd”

FANCINE Film Festival. (Málaga) . “Shutphin Blvd”
SESIFF Film Festival. (Seoul – South Korea) . “Shutphin Blvd”
PIFAN Film Festival. (Puchon – South Korea). “Shutphin Blvd”
Tres Courts. Film Festival. (Paris – France) . “Shutphin Blvd”
CineRail Film Festival. (Paris – France) . “Shutphin Blvd”

SITGES ’09 Fantasy Film Festival. (Barcelona). “Shutphin Blvd”
New York Fantasy Film Festival. (New York – EEUU). “Shutphin Blvd”

NewFilmakers. Anthology Film Archives.16mm (New York – USA). “Broken Clocks”
Coney Island Film Festival. 16mm (New York – USA). “Broken Clocks”
ZINEBI Int. Festival de Doc. y Cortometrajes de Bilbao. 16 mm, (Bilbao – Vizcaya). “Broken Clocks”.
ZINEMASTEA Film Festival. (Vitoria – Álava). “Una Historia de Invierno”.

ZINEBI. Festival Int. de Documental y Cortometrajes de Bilbao. “Una Historia de Invierno”
New England Film and Video., (USA). “Una Historia de Invierno”
Sarasota International Film Festival. (USA). “Una Historia de Invierno”
Kansas City Filmaker’s Jubille. (MS – USA). “Una Historia de Invierno”


Group show. Photography. “Entornos”, Nuble Art Gallery. (Santander)

Solo Show. Photography . “Basura”. Xanon Art Gallery. (Bilbao)
Group show. Photography . “Retrato”. Xanon Art Gallery. (Bilbao)

Art Fair. Art Miami ‘07. Photography. Xanon Art Gallery (Miami – USA)
Group Show. Instalation (Photography + Video) . “Blanco y Negro”. Xanon Art Gallery. (Bilbao)

Art Fair. Art Madrid ’06. Photography. Xanon Art Gallery. (Madrid)

Group Show. Photography. “Sin tiempo”  Xanon Art Gallery. (Madrid)

Group Show. Photography and Video Instalation. Canal 95 project. (New York – USA)
Art Fair. Arte Santander ‘04. Photography. Xanon Art Gallery. (Santander)
Solo Show Photography y Video Inst. “Buscando evidencias” Galería de Arte Xanon. (Madrid)
Solo Show Photography “Looking for evidence” SVA Gallery. (New York – USA)

Solo Show Photography. “New York, selva de contrastes” Espacio de los mundos. (Bilbao y Vitoria)
Group Show. Photography. “Caminos de Hierro”

Group Show. Photography. Canal de Isabel II. (Madrid)