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The Flying Squid becomes the recepient of a grant by the Spanish Ministry (2013) and the cohort for the Arts Business Incubator Program by the New York Foundation for the Arts (2017-2018)

Drawing of a tiger missing some stripes with the logo of You and the Flying Squid App
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“Animales” wins first prize in Art Lab (Milán) and “El almacén de las artes” Cantabria. June, 2014

Projection of a donkey kicking some trash
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Iván Cortázar receives the New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship. June, 2012

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Iván Cortázar’s Video Art will be shown at the International Art Fair ARCO. Madrid. Nuble Art Gallery Stand. (Currently José de la FuenteFebruary, 2012

TV displaying a woman sleeping under water. The Logo of ARCO on the left side.
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“Desastre(s)” premiers at the Málaga Film Festival. Followed by 17 Awards and 36 film festival official selections. April, 2012

POster of the shortfall Desastre(s) and Iván Cortázar, Álvaro Vega y Daniél Cortázar at the Malaga Film Festival
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Desastre(s), produced by Esperanto Films and starring renown actors ALEX ANGULO (Pan's Labyrinth), BORJA PÉREZ (QVMT), ITZIAR AIZPURU (Hospital Central) and ÁLVARO VEGA (Fuegos), premiers at the prestigious Málaga Film Festival and in few months has already received 17 awards including Best Comedy at the Torrelavega film festival and the Festival de cortos. CORTEMA DEL CAMPILLO film festival.
CANAL+ buys the rights for satellite TV

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Susurros was presented in Manhattan as part of the Window to Spain at Big Screen ProjectJune, 2011

The Video Art Horizontes screened at a large outdoor screen
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Sutphin Blvd. premiers at the prestigious Sitges Fantasy Film Festival followed by PIFAN (Puchon, S. Korea), SESIFF (Seoul, S. Korea) and Fancine (Málaga) among others. Oct, 2009

Sieges International Film Festival's Logo
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Iván Cortázar receives a grant by the Basque Museum of Contemporary Art ARTIUM to create the video art piece Duermen bajo las aguas January, 2009

A sheep under water. Still from the video Art Project Duermen Bajo las Aguas