English Title: An Afternoon in My Life

Spanish National Television RTVE2 Cámara Abierta.


With a vague script I recorded my grandfather during one afternoon. I looked for those things that make him special. 


7’ minutes. Documentary/Fiction. Color. Stereo. HDV. Place: Bilbao. Spain.


My grand father was a banker all his life, but few years before he passed away he started drawing some caricatures copied from news papers. He also has a passion in history and Russian Revolution, so I decided to spend one afternoon and film him drawing one of his idols. 

I consider this short piece a hybrid between documentary and fiction. It is documentary because most of the footage is a “perfect” portrait of my grandfather, capturing moments of his daily life. At the same time I think it is fiction because I directed him in some actions, trying to shape it into a standard short-film language.

A senior man with a communist hat
A compass on an image of Lenin
A living room with a mixture of communist and elephant figurines