Iván Cortázar



Exhibition Simulation



Series of single channel videos that can be screened individually or as a video installation creating an uneven black and white horizon where sound and image merge together to create a unique horizon. The work tries to talk about confrontation. Black-white; sound-image; Nature-humans; Earth-Air; Reality-Imagination.

Title: SUSURROS - (Whispers)

Duration: 6 minutes 30 secodns (loop)

Synopsis: A horizon of cattle whispers as they stare at the viewer.




ARCO international Art Fair. Nuble Art Gallery (Madrid). 2012

A window to Spain. NY 2011

Region 0 Latino Video Art Festival. NY 2011

OPTICA 2010 Madrid

“ENTORNOS” Group Show at Nuble Art Gallery 2009

Title: FARO - (Lighthouse)

Duration: 4 minute (loop)

Synopsis: Sound of vessels sailing in the distance. The sun guides them through a mist of leaves.

Title: 100º CENTÍGRADOS - (100º Celsius)

Duration: 5 minute (loop)

Synopsis: The sound of a stove. As the temperature rises, more people appear playing in the horizon. Water boils in the climax.

Title: VIENTO - (Wind)

Duration: 5 minute (loop)

Synopsis: A horizon of sailboats rock with the wind creating music. One sailboat starts sailing.

Title: SIMBIOSIS - (Symbiosis)

Duration: 1 minute (loop)

Synopsis: Electricity and birds live together in harmony.

Title: EXPANSIÓN - (Expansion)

Duration: 4'30" (loop)

Synopsis: A chimney emits tons of insects, snakes and any kind of pests.

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