Iván Cortázar

Iván Cortázar was born in Bilbao, Spain in 1975. A Business Administration graduate, Iván worked as an accountant for several years, after which he decided to radically change his future and dedicate his energy entirely to his passion; telling stories through a visual language.


After being admitted at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in the MFA photography video and related media program, he moved to New York City were he graduated in 2005.


From the beginning of his artistic career the main characteristic of Ivan’s body of work has been the diversity of the mediums and genres he expresses with and the constant experimentation.


He is a recipient of the New York Foundation for the Arts 2012 fellowship for his work on Video/Film. He also received a fellowship from the Museum of contemporary Art ARTIUM to film the project “They sleep beneath the water" that won the 1st video art prize at the Pancho Cossio international art contest.


His work “Horizontes” was shown for the first time at the international art fair ARCO (Spain) and his latest Video Art piece “Animales” recently won First Prize at the Milan Art Lab and first Prize at the “El Almacén de las artes” Spain.


With “Una historia de invierno” he filmed an evocative experimental short film with his grand father that premiered at the Black Maria Film Festival receiving the Director’s citation Award. And “Tesoros”, also filmed with his grandfather, is a hybrid film (Documentary – Fiction) screened at the Astra Film Festival (Bulgaria) and won Best Documentary at Figueira Film Art (Portugal)


In “Broken Clocks” and “Sutphin Blvd” (premier at the Sitges Film Festival) he explored the fantasy genre with great achievement and his shortfilms “Me aburro”, “Untied” and “Desastre(s)” are three comedies; “Me aburro” Honorary mention at the NotodoFilm Fest and “Desastre(s)” (premiered at the Malaga Film Festival) 17 awards including the Torrelavega Best Comedy Award and 37 international film festivals. “Untied” premiered at “Versión Española” Spanish National TV short Film Festival.


Since 2005, Iván Cortázar. has accomplished international prestige showing his videos, installation pieces and short films internationally and his work is held in various private and public collections.


Ivan is currently writing his first feature film “My lost brother” and is the creator of the personalized children’s book App series “Yuri and The Flying Squid.”